Get To Know Vitality Extracts

We’ve all come to expect feelings of stress, anxiety, confusion, and fear these past months, but deep rooted emotional problems can take a toll on our emotional, and even physical health if we’re not willing to deal with them. For those who prefer natural remedies over risky medical prescriptions, Vitality Extracts offers the essential oils that are pure, […]

Can Fashion Empower Young Girls And Women? By Michelle Levy

As a boutique owner for teenage fashion since 2012 and a mum of two teenage girls, it’s become clear to me over the years just how powerful fashion can be. I’ve seen over and over again how a young girl can come in feeling shy and unsure and how they transform when they put on a dress or outfit that they love. They literally blossom before my eyes.

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Our worth comes from within ourselves. Sometimes in life, we must create our own opportunities. We aim to use pure passion for storytelling to bring people of all walks of life. I want to help others feel confident and achieve their dreams in the arts and entertainment industries as we work to achieve our own.

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