Latoya Pearson on Finding Purpose in her Community Written By Stella Jones

“My favorite line from Chadwick’s commencement speech at Howard was ‘the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.’ This resonates with me so well because I have always believed that a path filled with struggles is guaranteed to teach you the most about yourself. I tell my workshop participants…

Livvy Zoe On An Author’s Life: A Pandemic, The Creative Process, and Writer’s Block – Written By Stella Jones

We are several months into the Covid-19 pandemic and it seems there is no end in sight. For introverts the pandemic allows the time at long last to relish in reclusiveness and to cocoon into one’s bubble without social pressure. This is a boon for introverts– but even introverts get the blues. Self-professed introvert and self-published writer, Livvy Zoe explains, “For the longest time during the pandemic, I experienced a writer’s worst nightmare — writer’s block

Get To Know Tasha White – Founder, My Walk With MG

I am a newcomer to the nonprofit sector. I have an up and coming
nonprofit organization called My Walk with MG where I spread awareness about Myasthenia Gravis (MG) that I also live with. It is a rare, chronic, and potential life-threatening disease that interrupts communication from the nerves to the muscles. I created this organization to not only educate but connect with fellow MG patients spreading hope.

Get To Know Fanya Love – The Queen of Self-Care

Queen of Self Care works with entrepreneurs and
executive women who have poured so much into their work but is suffering from not having clarity, has high stress, lacking joy, and not reaching their goals.

Get To Know Kyle Klaus – Actor & Real Estate Investor

I am actually in different industries: real estate industry, the entertainment industry, as well as the hospitality industry.  The solutions that I feel that I provide, or that the company provides, is delivering exactly what the consumer wants.