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We salute the empowered dreamers and the doers in art, entertainment, business and media. It’s our proud mission to inspire excellence while walking tall and proudly in our personal journeys. The pathway to success is best traveled with a companion. We are #SoEmpowered to be the best versions of ourselves and we strive everyday to be better than the day before.

May you be #SoEmpowered to dream brighter, live fervently with passion and intentionality and build a grand community to share your gifts.

As a TV Talk Show Host, I absolutely love educating my viewers through the programs I produce. I created SoEmpowered Magazine to inspire the world and promote those excelling in business, art and media. SoEmpowered Magazine is dedicated to the dreamers, doers and innovators who believe we become the best versions of ourselves when we rise together.

Chundria Brownlow Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, SoEmpowered Magazine