Livvy Zoe On An Author’s Life: A Pandemic, The Creative Process, and Writer’s Block – Written By Stella Jones

As an author’s author, Zoe shares a few ah-ha moments from her journey inward: 

First, every writer has a different writing time frame. Try not to compare how long it takes for you to write your book with another writer. Some writers can knock out 10 books in a year. And, then, some authors will take years to get one story into existence. Each process is unique as the story being told. If you try to change your style, you may end up frustrated or unhappy with the results.

Zoe draws a hard line on copy writing and warns: 

Do it! You wouldn’t go out in the world undressed and unprotected, would you? The same goes for your baby. Make sure your baby is protected. Copyright!

 On the topic of Editing, Zoe says:

This can a be a taboo topic for writers. We consider editing like a bad review—we’d rather avoid it altogether! However, the editing process can be your first glimpse at how your manuscript reads from another point of view. It’s not always a fun process, and it can be a draining experience. But, try it once. I won’t guarantee you’ll like it, but the insight you gain from the experience can be worthwhile.

 Also, not all experiences are the same, Zoe explains:

Your words, your process, your marketing strategy. All of these make up your experiences. Listen to advice and take suggestions. Or don’t. In the end, if you don’t want to follow the advice, don’t feel bad. Again, this is your baby. You have to do what you feel is right and when it is right. This is your journey. Go out and enjoy it!

Zoe also adds that these are suggestions or concepts for awareness, not to change a writer’s style of writing. Zoe is also on the journey of turning her debut novel, Mixed Business into a movie. She is currently in movie pre-production and she tells us that she is excited about bringing her characters to life. Also, she is wrapping up her second book, Tangled, and teases readers to be prepared to fall in love with new character, Dana.

To order your copy or to read an excerpt from ‘Mixed Business’ please visit or Also, follow her on her social media pages:

About – Livvy Zoe has been writing stories for her family and friends since the age of eight. After years of writing privately, she is venturing to share her words publicly. 

Today, you can find Ms. Zoe hanging out behind her computer deep in thought with her writing companions—a big bag of sour patch kids and a jar of gum. She is also a self-professed fan of lists and an eraser addict. (Yes, you read it right—she collects erasers!) Ms. Zoe is also a SciFi fan. Her favorite character is who else, but Dr. Who—particularly 13th Doctor. A true Sci-Fi nerd, Livvy also enjoys cosplay with her family. Ms. Zoe’s stories involve larger-than-life women overcoming extraordinary circumstances. Livvy resides in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she enjoys traveling, experiencing new foods, and people watching.

About The Author – Stella Jones is a freelance writer and publicist. She is the founder of Stella! PR + Media Relations.

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