Latoya Pearson on Finding Purpose in her Community Written By Stella Jones

“My favorite line from Chadwick’s commencement speech at Howard was ‘the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.’ This resonates with me so well because I have always believed that a path filled with struggles is guaranteed to teach you the most about yourself. I tell my workshop participants that every time you are rejected from a job, that interview was a lesson to help prepare you for the next opportunity. Every rejection has a purpose.”

Latoya has a huge heart for helping others and was a certified foster parent for two years and continues to be a resource for the children. Over the past decade she served with several organizations including West Meck High School Advisory board, Management Education Alliances, FAMU Alumni Charlotte Chapter, Urban League of Central Carolinas, Network of Executive Women Carolina Chapter and National Sales Network Chapter. 

Hopefully, Pearson’s story comes as an inspiration to galvanize each of us to work in our own way to put an end to disparities and inequalities in our communities.

To learn more about the NCBW Queen City chapter, please visit

To find out more about 7 Step Transition, please visit You can also find Latoya on all social media platforms:

About The Author – Stella Jones is a freelance writer and publicist. She is the founder of Stella! PR + Media Relations.

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