Let’s Talk About Depression By Zahra Heydari, LMFT

There are tools that can help with depression:

1) Talk about it. It is important to talk to a doctor, family, friends, professional in the field about it.Some people take medication for depression and it helps them a lot.

2) Call family, friends, someone you can talk to when you need to talk, and look for a professional who can help you through your healing process.

3) Move your body, move your mind. Moving, any kind of movement is helpful, walking, dancing, yoga, swimming, riding a bike any movement.

4) Mediation helps the mind to relax and decrease the symptoms of depression.

5) Journaling, is a great tool to get the clutter out of the mind that is not calm. Getting everything out of your mind in a journal is like talking to a best friend knowing your friend is not going to judge you.

6) Treat yourself with love, and compassion. If your best friend calls you and tell you she is having a bad day you will be kind to her. Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

7) Pray, faith and prayer can reduce the symptom of depression.

8) Relaxing or uplifting music can reduce the symptom of depression too.

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